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Love with All your Heart, Show it with all your Soule!!

WM Soule Winery was founded by William and Miriam Soule in 2015, it all began when they decided to experiment with wine making and found out that people loved it! With such a large support for the wine they decided to move forward with a larger scale production. 

At this time, the winery is mainly run by Miriam and produces several thousand bottles of wine yearly. All of the blueberries are handpicked and sourced from the wild blueberry bushes native to Sullivan county NY. Since they are all wild blueberries, they give the wine a unique taste that is simply delicious. 


At this time we produce two flavors:

Wild Blueberry

Golden Apple

We are hoping to expand and offer specialty small batches of additional flavors, keep tuned for more info on what we have brewing next!


William and Miriam Soule were both born and raised in the Catskill Mountains, in Sullivan County. They met in there late teens, and after years of being friends were eventually married in 2011. Since then, they have added Cecilia to their little family, and she is the pride and joy of their lives. The winery is run in their free time, and adds a whole new adventure into the mix!

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